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Problem downloading the Sounds on the iPad app.


If you are having a problem downloading the sounds for Notion for iOS, please take a look at these suggestions:


1.  Please tap the "Sounds" icon on the Home screen of the app and then tap the cloud next to the instrument or bundle of instruments that you wish to download.  If you have a slow internet connection or need to walk away from the iPad while the download proceeds, please turn off the auto-lock option in the Device Settings of your iPad.  This can be found under "Display & Brightness," once in the Device Settings window on your iPad.  If you turn off the auto-lock function, it will prevent your iPad from going to sleep, which will interrupt the download.

2.  Try the download from a different internet connection.  

3.  If you have a sound that is downloaded, but is not playing back when used in a score, you will want to remove the sound and download it again.  Just go to the "Sounds" button on the Home screen of the app and swipe left on the problematic instrument.  You can then choose to remove it.  You will have to completely reboot your iPad after doing this.  You can then go to the Sounds tab once more and download the instrument again.  

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