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Formatting a score for printing in Notion or Progression

Here are instructions for formatting a score for printing in Notion or Progression.


1. Set the paper size that you wish to print to. Go to Score>Full Score Options, Page and select the paper size from the drop down menu. If you are printing an extracted part, go to Score>Part Options, Page and select the paper size there.

2. Once you have selected the correct paper size, go through your score and see if any of the notation is running off the bottom of the page. If it is, go to Score>Full Score Options, or Score>Part Options and click on the "Layout" tab. You will want to decrease the notation size so that it will fit on the desired page size. You can choose a value from the drop down or you can type in your own value up to one decimal place. For example, you can type in 2.8, 2.9, 1.8, etc.

3. If you would like to adjust the space between systems, you can do so by going to Score>Full Score Options, More. Here you can set the "System Break spacing." This is a global setting and will affect your entire score.

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