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Font issues when using Notion or Progression on a Mac

Most font issues that you will run into with Notion will be on a Mac.  Here are some some issues you may run into:


  1.  If you open Notion and you see squares and x's on the page instead of notes, it is more than likely a problem with your font cache.  To delete the font cache, you can use a third-party app called Font Nuke or reset the Pram on your computer.  Here is an article that explains how to reset the Pram and what is removed in the process.  
  2. If none of the fonts come up in Notion on the home screen, then you are more than likely missing some fonts from the program.  Attached is a zip file that contains the necessary fonts to run Notion.  Simply copy them into your Macintosh HD\Library\Fonts folder.
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