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Networking your StudioLive Ai PA speakers - Connection and Troubleshooting

16 Nov 2020

***For Troubleshooting Steps after proper setup, please see the bottom of this page***

Note:  using SL Room Control Requires that you update your speaker's firmware to the latest version available from your Presonus User account.  A video to explain how to update the speaker and know what version you have installed on your speakers can be found on this page.




Connecting via Ethernet

If you are hardwiring your loudspeakers to your wireless router with Ethernet cables, 
simply connect the speakers to your wireless router and then wirelessly join the 
same network with your computer or iPad. No other network setup is required.

Power User Tip: In the event that you require more ports than your wireless router 
provides, you will need to purchase an Ethernet switch and connect it to your router 
to provide the additional ports.

PreSonus recommends using an unmanaged 
switch (connected to a Router),
rather than a managed switch, as an unmanaged switch requires no additional setup or 

configuration.  Some routers do not  appear to handle UCNET traffic correctly, so
using a switch can help avoid some router-related issues.


Connecting wirelessly (auto-setup)

Your StudioLive AI loudspeakers have been preprogrammed to join a specific wireless 
network. Simply configure your wireless router network with the name “StudioLive” 
and secure it with the password “StudioLive.” Your loudspeakers will automatically 
join when they are powered on with their USB LAN adapters connected.


Joining a New Network (Manual Wireless Setup)

To connect the loudspeakers wirelessly to a new network for the first time, you need 
to hardwire your loudspeakers to your router and use SL Room Control to save the 
intended network’s information. The instructions below can be used to give any 
number of StudioLive AI loudspeakers the ability to connect wirelessly to a new 
network. StudioLive AI loudspeakers only support WPA and WPA2 wireless networks.

Power User Tip: If you are connecting some speakers wirelessly, while 
others will be hardwired to the same network, temporarily disconnect 
the speakers you wish to hardwire while you provision the speakers 
that will connect to the network using a USB Wi-Fi LAN adapter.


1.  To begin, while your speaker is powered off, connect your loudspeakers to your 
wireless router using Ethernet cables.




2.  Connect the USB LAN adapters to your loudspeakers.




3.  Power on your loudspeakers.




4.  Connect your device wirelessly to the wireless router’s 
network and launch SL Room Control.




5.  Press or click the Wireless icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Venue 
page in SL Room Control. This will launch the Wireless Setup wizard.




6.  Across the top of the screen you will see every loudspeaker 
connected to your wireless router. At the bottom of the page, 
you will see every wireless network within range.




7.  If any of the loudspeakers have the “No WiFi Installed” warning, you will be 
prevented from joining a new network. Verify that your USB LAN adapter is 
connected and power-cycle your loudspeaker. 

Note: StudioLive loudspeakers do not support hot swapping. 
The USB LAN adapter must be connected when you power on 
your loudspeaker.




8.  From the network browser, select the wireless network to which 
you’d like to connect your loudspeakers. Only networks that can 
be joined by every speaker in the browser will be selectable.

Note:  If you cannot see the list of available networks, make sure
you have connected all speakers to the router you are using.  Also
attempt to us a Gigabit switch with multiple speakers.




9.  Enter the password for your wireless network. Once the network 
information has been stored in your loudspeakers, you can 
disconnect the Ethernet cables from your router.




10.  Click or tap the Rescan button to verify that your speakers have successfully 
joined wirelessly to your network. If your speakers do not appear within 
10-30 seconds, power cycle them, reboot SL Room Control and click or tap 
the Rescan button again. If they are still not detected, repeat steps 1-9 and 
verify that you are entering the correct password for your wireless network.

Power User Tip: Once your loudspeakers are wirelessly connected to one 
network, you can connect them to another network wirelessly, as well, as long 
as both networks are within range of the loudspeaker and your device.



Troubleshooting your StudioLive AI PA network:


1.  Important note concerning Gigabit Switches with PA speakers:

If you are hardwiring your computer to your StudioLive AI loudspeaker network,
you may need to connect it to a (Gigabit) switch, rather than a port on your router. Not
all routers support this configuration by default. To avoid complicated network
configurations, it is recommended that hardwired computers be connected
to a standard Ethernet switch instead.

Please note that this relates only to
hardwired computers running SL Room Control. StudioLive AI loudspeakers
can be hardwired either to the router or the switch. All network configurations
(hardwired or wireless) require that a router be connected. Direct connection
from an OS X or Windows computer is not supported without a router.


2.  Once a speaker has been added to a group, you will not see it in the Speaker Net
Browser. Make sure it has not been added to any group in the current Venue preset. If
it is not in the Speaker Net Browser or in any group, click or tap the Rescan button in
the Speaker Net Browser.
If it still is unavailable, verify that it is powered on and that
its Ethernet cable or USB Wi-Fi LAN adapter is connected and functioning properly. If
connecting wirelessly, verify that the speaker is within range of your wireless router.


3.  StudioLive loudspeakers do not support hot swapping. 
The USB LAN adapter must be connected when you power on 
your loudspeaker.  The light on the adapter should be shown as
"blinking" and the activity light should be illuminating showing
the network is communicating.

NOTE:  Never put the Speaker in "Setup" mode using the 
button located on the back.  This button currently should
never be pressed in the setup of your network:



4.  If you are having difficulties with your wireless router, see the
links below for information on Approved and Non-Approved
StudioLive Ai routers we have noted below.  One of the routers
on the approved list should work correctly

StudioLive AI Approved Routers List

StudioLive AI Non-Approved Routers List


5.  If your speakers are not available wirelessly after programming the new
network name and password, reconnect the Ethernet cable to your wireless
router and confirm that you have entered the correct password.


If you need any further assistance, please contact Presonus Technical Support


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