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StudioLive AI PA Input Sensitivity and Gain Staging

16 Nov 2020

Q: What is the best way to gain stage the inputs on a full-range StudioLive AI loudspeaker?

A:  StudioLive AI-series loudspeakers have been designed to make it very simple to achieve optimized gain staging when used with professional mixers, and matched to the StudioLive family of mixers in particular, which are rated for a +24 dBu output. The line input of the StudioLive AI loudspeakers has been calibrated to accept a +24 dBu signal and provides 24 dB of attenuation. The Speaker Output Level control provides another 24 dB of attenuation. For most applications, we recommend setting the Line Input Level and the Speaker Output Level to 0 dB (fully clockwise), then lowering the Speaker Output Level as needed. This will allow you to operate your mixer at or around unity gain and will maximize the dynamic range of your mixer and your StudioLive AI loudspeakers. When not in use, leave the Mic level at the Off position.

With a StudioLive mixer, just set the output trim of your mixer fully clockwise to maximize your mixer’s dynamic range.

This configuration makes is quick and easy to ensure that all the speakers are set to the same gain.

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