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[Solved]Why does my AI family device show a strange IP address and UC Surface will not connect?

Firmware versions this article applies to:

● StudioLive AI Series mixers =  Firmware version 1.0.7045
● StudioLive RM Series mixers =  Firmware version 1.0.7049
● StudioLive CS18 AI Control Surface =  Firmware version 1.0.7055

NOTE:  This issue has been addressed with the latest Firmware Update for StudioLive AI Console (7786+) and RM Rackmount mixers (7784+).  All firmware is found on a Customer's My PreSonus Account hardware registration for their mixer.  The instructions for this update can also be followed there.


To support Direct Ethernet Connection, either of the CS18AI to an RM mixer, or an RM mixer to an AI Console for AVB Stagebox mode, these AI family devices will now self-assign an IP address if the unit is powered on when connected to a network where no DHCP server is present or detected.  If the mixer does not receive an IP address from a DHCP server within a certain time period after power on, it will assign itself a static IP address that begins with "169.254.0.x".  This will also likely mean that your AI family device has an IP address in a range that's different from your computer or other remote control devices,  thus preventing UC Surface or Qmix-AI from being able to connect to the mixer.





When using new firmware 7784/7786 and above with your mixer, you can refer to this document regarding how the UC 1.5 Milestone Release changes the functionality of network interaction.



It is a common networking best practice to make sure that the network infrastructure is up and running before connecting or powering on any devices that depend on that network. 

To ensure that your AI family products and remote devices can successfully and reliably get an IP address from your Router, make sure that your Router is powered on first, allowing it to fully boot and become ready to distribute IP addresses to your network before powering on any devices connected to that network.

Time required will vary, from a few seconds to a minute or more, depending on the router. Start up order should be first the Router, then any network switches, and finally your networked devices such as AI mixers, CS18AI, AI speakers, computers, and iOS devices. 

We do not recommend powering on the network devices and the Router at the same time, as many routers can require a full minute or more to fully boot and become ready to distribute IP addresses.

If the network device comes online before the router is ready and ends up self-assigning an IP address, just simply power cycle the device after your router has fully booted and become ready to distribute IP addresses.


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