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StudioLive AI (UC Surface 2.0+) - Scene & Preset Backup & Transfer

**Updated for UC 2.0 11/16/17**

The StudioLive AI series mixers have the ability to save and load Scenes to and from their internal memory or Local devices storage memory using the UC Surface software running on PC, Mac, or Tablets.

 NOTE: Because certain functions in UC Surface require communication with an actual mixer, some features may not function correctly or be available when using the 32.4.2 AI Demo in Universal Control-AI. This includes the ability to save and load scenes.


Backup files and Scenes are located in the current folder structure.  If you are transferring Backups from a different computer via email or a flash drive, you will need to locate this on the User Profile of the machine you have loaded and ran UC Surface on.

*** The "Backup" folder is where Backup files go and the "Scenes" folder is where Scenes are stored. ***

Windows systems:

C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Presonus\StudioLive AI\Library\Presets\

Mac systems:

Mac HD/Users/Username/Documents/PreSonus/StudioLive AI/Library/Presets/



Saving Scenes in UC Surface:

NOTE: Scene instructions should apply to all UC Surface enabled Devices.

1. Press the Scene button ( Labeled 'Scn' for short )



This brings you to the Quick Scene management menu.


All AI family mixers let you quickly create and store up to eight snapshots of your mix as Mix Scenes for quick and easy recall, without the need to enter a Scene Name. In addition to being able to save and load Mix Scenes here, you can also access the Scene Menu in order to save and load Named User Scenes.

NOTE: Mix Scenes are saved to the mixer globally, not with a particular scene file.


2. Press the Scene Menu (Directory) button to access the Scene Menu. This opens the Scene Menu view in UC Surface.



UC Surface has the ability to save / recall from both the Mixer itself and from your connecting devices storage memory (Computer's hard drive, etc).


3. To save a Scene to Mixer memory, just select a Scene Memory Location slot, and then press 'Store' button.

To Save to Local Device Memory, simply press / click on the word 'Local' to select the Local Column. Then press the 'Store' button.



4. A dialog box will pop up asking you to Name the Scene file.




5. After entering the name, the selected slot will change to reflect the save. If saving to Local memory, the scene will just pop up in the list.





Loading Scenes in UC Surface:

1. From the Scene Menu view:



2. Select the Scene you want to load, either from the Mixer memory or from the Local Device memory area, then press the Recall button.

The scene will then load in the background. Exit out of the Scene management area by pressing the 'Scn' button again to see if the recall was successful.




Scene Recall Filters:

SL AI Mixers have the ability to omit certain settings from being recalled, by way of Scene Filters. This allows you to pick and choose what parameters from a scene you want to load.

NOTE: All of these parameters are saved in every scene, the filters just provide a way to include / exclude what settings are used.

See Section 5.3 in the StudioLive Owner's Manual for more information on the Scene Filters.

Click Here for Manual Link


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