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I Bought a StudioLive AI Console but StudioOne Is Not in the Box

Q: Where is the software that comes with my StudioLive AI mixer?


A: The StudioLive AI Console mixers will stop shipping with Studio One software included on disc. Studio One will be provided as a download.


We want to make sure that we set you up for success by having the latest version of our drivers and software. For example, installing the latest versions of Studio One first thing and have all the information about your new hardware where you need it most. --Safe and sound locked away safely within your PreSonus User account. Ready for you, whenever you need it 24-7.

*User Manuals, Quick Start Guides, Latest Drivers, Latest Installers, Tutorial and Usage Videos, New Firmware Notifications... all right from your account.

What you will need:

    • The Serial Number of your StudioLive AI console

this can be found on the registration card and on label found on the base of the hardware (similar to a bar-code)

Let's get started!

Step #1 - To register PreSonus hardware devices, please log in to your account at

Step #2 - Click the blue button on the right side of your screen that says "+Register New Hardware".

Step #3 - Next Select the Date when you purchased your PreSonus product.

Step #4 - Next Select Your Product In the Drop Down List.

Step #5 - Next Select the empty box below "Serial Number" with your mouse, you'll need to type in the serial number here for your PreSonus product.

Step #6 - Click the Blue "Register" Button to complete the registration process.

Step #7 - Once the registration is confirmed, your account will be populated with necessary drivers, a registered copy of Studio One Artist v2 for you, and a wealth of information (quick-start guides, manuals, videos, and extended reference material) on how you properly configure and operate your hardware.

*For additional reference

For information on Installing and Activating Studio One

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