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Manually Installing the driver for the StudioLive AI mixer on Windows

In some cases, you may install Universal Control-AI on your Windows computer and it places the Presonus Firestudio drivers in the appropriate place, but Windows may not successfully determine the correct driver to install and use for your StudioLive AI mixer. In these case, you may need to manually point Windows Device Manger to the Universal Control AI folder in order to find the driver to install.

If you open Windows Device Manager, and you see the mixer model listed under Other Devices, with a yellow warning symbol, the mixer is being seen by the computer, but Windows does not know which driver to install


You can manually tell Device Manager which folder to look in for the driver by right-clicking on the device listing and choosing Update Driver Software


Next, click Browse My Computer For Driver Software


Then browse to the C:\Program Files\PreSonus\Universal Control AI\Drivers folder


Select Include Subfolders, and click Next



This completes the first portion, but StudioLive AI mixers actually have a second portion of the driver that needs to be installed as well

First, in Device Manager, click on View > Show Hidden Devices


You should now see Presonus Firestudio under Other Devices with the yellow warning, just as before with your mixer model. Follow the same process of right-click > Update Driver Software > Browse my computer






Your StudioLive AI drivers should now be installed and appear in Device Manager like this



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