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StudioLive XX.4.2 (AI) - OSX System Sound Routing in Audio MIDI Setup

Configuring the StudioLive AI as the main Core Audio Device on Mac

Your StudioLive can be used as the main Core Audio device for a Mac, and you can route the main outputs of your Mac to any of its available output streams. By default, these streams are routed to Channels 1 and 2 on your StudioLive AI. This presents an obvious limitation in that you will use up two input channels on your StudioLive AI just for Core Audio playback.

Channels 25-26 / 17-18 / 33-34 are available through the Digital Return buttons in the 2 Track In and Monitor sections of the StudioLive 16.4.2AI, 24.4.2AI and 32.4.2AI, and we recommend that you use these channels for Core Audio playback. The following instructions will help you configure your StudioLive AI to be used as the main audio playback device for your Mac.

Power User Tip: Because of the flexibility the Monitor Bus offers, you may wish to use the Control Room Outputs to connect your studio monitors and use the Main Digital Return on your StudioLive AI as the Main Output for your DAW.

1. Go to MacHD | Applications | Utilities and launch Audio MIDI setup.


2. Click on the Outputs tab.



3. Click on the Configure Speakers button.



4. On any StudioLive mixer, the last two outputs correspond to the 2 Track In Digital Returns on the mixer.

Choose the second to last output for the left speaker. In this example on a 16.4.2AI, this would be Output 17



5. Choose the last output for the right speaker. In this example on a 16.4.2AI, this would be Output 18



6. When you are finished, click Apply and then Done.



7. Next you will set up your StudioLive as the main output device for your Mac. Launch System Preferences.



8. Open the Sound Preferences.



9. Click on the Output tab and select PreSonus FireStudio.The playback from all your Core Audio applications will now be routed to the Main FireWire Return buttons on your StudioLive



NOTE: If you find that your audio always goes to channels 1 and 2 on the mixer no matter what channels you set in Audio MIDI Setup, see here:

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