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StudioLive XX.4.2 Ai - Universal Control Ai Network Setup

StudioLive XX.4.2 Ai - Universal Control Ai Network Setup

The steps below will help you troubleshoot and check the connection
of Universal Control AI after installing the application on your Mac or PC.
If you are having any trouble with these steps, please see the Trouble-
shooting steps listed below.

For detailed information of the functions of the Universal Control Window,
please see the link below:

StudioLive XX.4.2 Ai - Universal Control Ai Console


Universal Control Ai Overview:


Universal Control-AI includes two windows: the Launcher window and
the Device window. For the StudioLive, the Device window is the Virtual
StudioLive-AI (VSL-AI) application. VSL-AI provides bidirectional control of
channel, subgroup, aux, and main-bus levels; Fat Channel parameters; aux
mixes; effects; and the graphic EQs. It also provides a visual overview of your
StudioLive settings so that you can see, adjust, and organize them. VSL-AI
includes a librarian, allowing you to easily manage your presets and scenes.

Controlling your StudioLive with VSL-AI is as easy as drag-and-drop. Load Fat
Channel presets and scenes by simply dragging them onto the channel or mixer
overview. You can load Fat Channel presets as a complete channel strip or as
individual gate, compressor, and EQ presets. Through VSL-AI, you can back up
all of the scenes and presets stored on your StudioLive. These stored settings
can be loaded from disk or sent to, and stored internally on, the StudioLive.

Since control is bidirectional, fader moves and parameter changes made on the
StudioLive are reflected in VSL-AI. So, for example, you can set up the StudioLive
the way you want it and then save your scene and other presets in VSL-AI.

To use VSL-AI, you must do one of two things:

• Connect and sync your StudioLive to your computer using a FireWire
s800 cable or approved option card (coming soon). This option allows
you to use all the features VSL-AI provides, including Smaart Spectra
Analysis and the Smaart System Check Wizards while recording and
playing back audio through Capture, Studio One, or a third-party DAW
of your choice.

• Connect your StudioLive and computer to the same wired/wireless 
network.  This option will allow you to use your laptop to remote control
the StudioLive AI mixer anywhere in the venue, but the Smaart tools
will be disabled as these features require an audio driver.



Troubleshooting your Universal Control Ai Network:


If Universal Control is not showing any devices:

1.  Make sure your device is properly connected by checking
the link below (see the Troubleshooting steps at the bottom
of the article).

StudioLive XX.4.2 Ai - Wireless Network Setup and Troubleshooting

2.  Your diver could have a conflict and might need to be
Uninstalled and reinstalled.  See the links below for Mac and
PC platforms.

Uninstall & Reinstall device drivers, StudioLive-AI in Windows

Uninstall & Reinstall device drivers, StudioLive-AI in OSX

After which, attempt to install the driver again and open
Universal Control

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