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Why isn't the Firmware Update or Firmware Recovery working for my StudioLive AI Mixer?

18 Nov 2020

When using the StudioLiveAI Mixer Series consoles to do firmware updates, a USB Thumb Drive is used in this process. 

On rare occasions, a situation may arise where the mixer can't find the USB Thumb drive for an update or when doing firmware recovery, it says "Loading Please Wait.." indefinitely and the mixer never boots. 

There are a a few possibilities here as to what may be going on:

When unzipping the files, make sure the files are not in a folder on your thumb drive, if the files are hidden inside a folder the mixer will not see the files.

Please make sure the drive is freshly formatted FAT, FAT16 or FAT32 before you use it with the mixer for update or firmware restoration. The drive should not have any other data on it. Drives that are 64GB or higher cannot be formatted FAT32 and therefore will not work. Make sure you're using a drive that is 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB or 32GB in size. If the USB Thumb Drive is formatted NTFS or exFAT, the StudioLive Ai mixer will not see the USB Thumb Drive. 


The USB Thumb Drive itself is not compatible with the mixer. We have found isolated cases where some no name and even name brand drive models didn't work with the mixer. Early versions of the Sandisk Cruzers were the worst instigators of failure, ironically, we found that using late model Sandisk thumb drives to be the most reliable of all the brands we've tested. We have another knowledge base article detailing use of SanDisk drives here:

We can post models of thumb drives that we used, however vendors of flash media change their part numbers so fast, any exact model that we post may not be easily found. Instead we suggest you go by the model series instead. 



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