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Incorrect Aux pairs shown in the Permissions section of the iOS Setup page (System menu pg 3)

On the iOS Setup page of the System menu, the Permissions section for iOS devices shows the wrong Aux pairs for the Auxes that are linked. What's going on?

UPDATE: Fixed in Firmware version 5124

We've identified an issue with the StudioLive AI mixers where if you stereo link a pair of Auxes with the even numbered Aux as Link Master (i.e. the even numbered Aux is selected when you press Link), the mixer will show the incorrect Aux pair in the Permissions section on the iOS Setup page of the System menu. This will affect Qmix-AI and SL Remote-AI functionality, not allowing control over the correct Aux pairs.

In order to avoid the issue, you must simply make sure to link Auxes with the odd numbered Aux as Link Master (i.e. make sure you have the odd numbered Aux selected when you press the Link button). When linked this way, the Auxes and Aux permissions function correctly and as intended.

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