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Why don't you support Open or WEP security?

Why don't you support Open or WEP security?

Open can have consequences beyond use with the AI mixer. With the advent of network scanners and privacy concerns, using an Open Network means anyone can access your router and/or your data on your computer. We do not recommend it’s use. The impact to the AI mixer performance could be affected by multiple non-approved users from viewing your system levels and/or mixing settings.  

Open Network means that anyone can download SL Remote and/or QMix and while they can’t control anything they can see what the mixer is doing. We do support up to 15 devices connected to your mixer for remote operation. This operation includes viewing, not just controlling. Viewers can see levels but not control anything as their screens are grayed out. If more than 15 people in your audience decide to view QMix or SL Remote, it may cause the mixer to slow in onboard operation beyond the supported 15 device limit. This may be a great feature for a teaching situation, however in a live situation, it’s a risk not worth taking.

WEP has a known flaw which makes it not a good choice.

WPA and WPA2 uses a secure encryption protocol that is easy to setup and use.

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