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How do I Customize Channel and Bus Names?

18 Nov 2020

The StudioLive Ai Series of mixers have the ability to name
each channel within the internal memory of the mixer.  When
the name is change on a channel, it is saved and recalled by
the parameters of a scene.

To rename a channel on the StudioLive mixer you have, make
sure you are seeing the channel info page:



Channel Info Page: When a channel or output bus is
selected, the Channel Info page will open in the LCD. This is
the default screen for your StudioLive. From this page you
can customize the name for each channel or bus and view
helpful information about each channel and bus on your
StudioLive mixer.


To rename a channel on the StudioLive mixer you have, make
sure you are seeing the channel info page.


1. Press the Select button for the channel wish to name, then
press the Recall button to create a custom name.

Level12.PNG        NAMES1.JPG

2. Turn the Value encoder clockwise or counter-clockwise to
change the letter. The StudioLive allows you to customize the
name with uppercase and lowercase letters and offers a
selection of numerals and punctuation marks. You can insert
a space by simply pressing the Tap button.


3. Once you are satisfied with your changes, press the Store button. It will illuminate
while the name is being written to the StudioLive’s internal memory. Once the
Channel preset is saved, the Store button will return to its unlit state.

You can also use VSL-AI or SL Remote-AI to create custom names. For
more information, please review “Universal Control AI and VSL-AI” and “SL
Remote AI for iPad” in the StudioLive 32.4.2AI Software Library Manual.


NOTE: There is no Channel Info page for the FX buses, Therefore they cannot be named.
When one of the FX buses is
selected, the FX menu will open to that FX bus’s parameter
detail page.



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