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StudioLive AI - Stereo Link Feature of GEQ's

StudioLive 32.4.2 AI - GEQ Stereo Linking

Each GEQ on the StudioLive 32.4.2AI is assigned to a specific bus: Main Left, Main Right, and Auxes 1 through 14. The bus assignment cannot be changed. When the GEQ menu is active, the meters and encoders of the Fat Channel become the controls for the graphic EQ. As you touch a knob, you will notice that its band number, frequency, and gain are displayed in the System menu. The 31 bands range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

The frequency for each band is fixed. Bands 1 through 31 are controlled by encoders 1 through 31, respectively. Notice that all meters have one LED illuminated to display the current gain position for each band, and the meter for the selected band in the Show Band field is inverted, meaning that all LEDs will be illuminated except the LED displaying the current gain position for that band. The band does not have to be selected in the Show Band field for its encoder to be active. All encoders are active so you can make changes to all 31 bands at one time. 


To open the GEQ menu, press the GEQ button.



Navigate to the Show GEQ field and use the Value knob to scroll through the different graphic EQs. Use the Next and Prev buttons to navigate through each GEQ screen and use the Value knob to change a parameter.




NOTE:  Before you link a GEQ, it is a good practice to save that EQ before continuing to link them together.  See this article below on Copying, Loading And Saving GEQ presets:

Copy, Load and Save GEQ's


Stereo Linking Parameter

For any stereo linked Bus (a pair of linked Auxes, or your Main L/R bus), you have the option of treating your GEQs as Dual Mono EQs allowing independent adjustments to the Left and Right side, or as a Stereo EQ where the settings for Left and Right are always the same.

Just like when linking a pair of channels, Stereo EQ linking can be enabled when either EQ or Bus in the pair is selected. When the Stereo setting is set to ON, the EQ settings for the currently selected EQ or Bus are destructively pasted to the other EQ in the pair.

For example, if you have the Main L GEQ shown on the GEQ menu (as in the above picture), when you set Stereo to ON, the Main L GEQ settings are copied to Main R. The copy is destructive, meaning if you set Stereo back to OFF, the EQs will be unlinked, but Main R will not return to its original settings. It will remain on the copied settings from Main L.

You should also note that the Stereo linking option on the GEQ menu is not available unless the bus is determined a stereo pair, meaning you must first link two Auxes by selecting one and pressing the Link buttonbefore you see this parameter on the GEQ menu.


When you link two Auxes, the currently selected Aux is the Link Master, and its GEQ settings will be inherited by the other Aux. When two Auxes are initially linked, the GEQ is by default set to Stereo: ON.


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