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StudioLive Scene Recall Overview

StudioLive Scene Recall Overview


1. To recall a scene, press the Scene button.


Use the Value encoder to scroll through the Scene library.


2. When you have found the scene you wish to recall, press the Recall button. By
default, the StudioLive will recall all stored parameters (Fat Channel settings,
channel muting and soloing, aux mixes, and internal effects parameters) except
fader, knob, and graphic EQ positions.


3. If you do not wish to recall a certain set of parameters, simply
use the Next and Prev buttons to navigate through the

When the parameter that you wish to disable is
selected, turn the Value encoder counter-clockwise to move
it to the No (Off) position. Once you have disabled the
parameters you do not wish to recall, press the Recall button.

The StudioLive’s recallable parameters are grouped as follows:

  • Name (SL AI Mixer only): All Channel and Bus names as displayed in the Channel
    Info page, VSL-AI, SL Remote-AI, and QMix-AI.

  • Mute:  All mute states. This includes input channels, subgroups, and FX buses.

  • FX: All parameters for the internal effects assigned to FXA, B
    (C and D FX found on SL 32.4.2 AI mixer only).

  • Assigns: All output and bus routing. This includes:

    Channel and bus routing to mains and subgroups

    Stereo linking for all channels and buses

    Digital returns to inputs

    Channel and bus solo states

    Monitor-bus assignments

    2 Track In assignments

    Talkback assignments and talkback on/of

    (StudioLIve Ai mixers) Side-Chaining Effects on all inputs

  • EQ and Dyn: All Fat Channel dynamics processing, filter
    parameters, and pan positions for every channel and bus.

  • Aux Mix: All aux mixes parameters including:

    Channel sends to aux mixes

    Channel sends to FX processors

    Pre1/Pre2/Post position for each aux and
    FX bus

  • Faders: All fader positions.

  • GEQ: Settings for all Graphic equalizers.

  • NOTE:  GEQ settings for all 24.4.2 and 32.4.2 mixers
    Will recall busses they are assigned to as well.

  • Pots: All digital knob positions:

    Aux output levels

    All FX Output Levels

    Cue (Solo) level

    2 Track In

    Phones level

    Monitor level

    Talkback level

    Aux Input A and Aux Input B level

Power User Tip:  If you enable knob positions (recalling group “pots”) as a part of
your scene recall, all of the digital knobs (Aux outputs, FX levels, Cue, 2 Track In,
Phones, Monitor, Talkback, Aux Input A and Aux Input B knobs) will remain at their
stored position until they are moved manually. Once a knob is turned, its value will
jump to the value of its current physical position. Therefore, if you intend to save a scene
and recall the “pots” group later, it is highly recommended that you use the recall sheet
provided in the StudioLive Reference manuals to note the stored position of these controls.
You can find these manuals with this link here



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