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What are the Solo Modes on the Mixer?

18 Nov 2020




From the first page of the System menu, you can choose
between three Solo modes. To access these modes, press the
System button and navigate to Page 1: Global. Press the Next
button to navigate to the Solo Mode field and use the Value
encoder to scroll through the three modes:

  • Latch: This is the default Solo mode. When Latch Solo mode is
    active, you can solo multiple channels and buses at once.

  • Radio: When Radio Solo mode is active, you can
    solo only one channel or bus at a time.

  • CR: When CR Solo mode is active, soloing any channel will automatically
    patch the Solo bus to the Monitor bus and disable any other buses that
    are currently engaged in the Solo bus.  When no Solo is selected,
    the Main source is the default monitored.

    While in CR Solo mode, you can solo multiple channels and buses at  
    but you can only patch one input or bus to the monitor bus at a time.
    Latch Solo and Radio Solo modes allow the Monitor bus to function as a
    summing amp.

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