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StudioLive AI - How do I use the A/B comparison for Quick Change of Fat Channel settings?

18 Nov 2020

The StudioLive AI Series mixers let you create two complete Fat Channel settings for each
channel and bus and compare the two using the Alt EQ & Dyn button. In this way,
you can experiment with a new sound without having to struggle to re-create
your old standby, and after several minutes of careful adjustment, you can verify
that a new Fat Channel setting is better than it was before you started tweaking.

To A/B Fat Channel settings:

1. Select a channel and create a Fat Channel setup.


2. Press the Alt EQ & Dyn button. The button will light up to alert you that you are
using the Alt Fat Channel layer.


3. Dial in a new Fat Channel setting.


4. Press the Alt EQ & Dyn button again to listen to your original Fat Channel setting.


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