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Option Card Overview and Connections

Option Card Overview and Connections (StudioLive AI)


The StudioLive AI series mixer includes an installed option card that provides FireWire s800 connectivity, Ethernet for remote control, and S/PDIF output. For more information about user-installable StudioLive AI option cards and their availability, please visit :



FireWire s800 Ports


There are two standard 9-pin FireWire s800 ports on the back of the StudioLive. Either port can be used to connect the StudioLive to a FireWire s800 port on your computer. Use the second FireWire s800 port to connect additional s800 devices (such as external hard drives) to your computer.

Please note: While connecting your StudioLive AI mixer to a FireWire 400 
connection on your computer and daisy-chaining a FireWire 400 device to the secondary s800 port are supported, this will reduce your StudioLive bus speed to 400 Mbps, and you may experience reduced performance. To experience the full power of your StudioLive AI mixer, it is highly recommended that you connect to a true s800 connection or to a Thunderbolt connection using an adapter.



This standard RJ45 connection has been included to hardwire your StudioLive to a LAN network. By adding a wireless router to the network, you will be able to wirelessly remote control your StudioLive from virtually anywhere. This is especially useful when your wireless control devices (iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch) must be used in a different room from where your StudioLive is installed, or if there is quite a bit of wireless interference in your venue. For more information on connecting your StudioLive to a LAN network, please review “Networking your StudioLive Mixer” in the StudioLive AI Software Library Manual.

S/PDIF Output


By default, the S/PDIF output receives the same signal as the main outputs, so no activation is necessary. However, any bus can be routed to the S/PDIF output, either through the System menu in the Digital Effects | Master Control section, or in VSL-AI. (See Section 5.4 in this manual or “VSL-AI: Setup Tab” in the in the StudioLive 32.4.2AI Software Library Manual for more information.) Because the StudioLive cannot be synced externally, you will need to use it as the master clock and set your S/PDIF-equipped device to receive word clock externally via S/PDIF. Please consult the documentation for your external digital device for instructions.

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