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StudioLive RM Mixer (UC1.8 and below) - Wired and Wireless Network Setup and Troubleshooting

For troubleshooting existing StudioLive Ai networks already setup, please see the troubleshooting information at the bottom of the page.

Wired Ethernet Control Setup

 1.  Connect standard CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet cables from your computer’s Ethernet port to an Ethernet router, and from the router to the Control port on the RM-series mixer’s rear panel.




2.  Launch UC Surface software on a computer (Mac or Windows) that is connected to the router.

3.  The Universal Control launch window will appear and should recognize the presence of your RM mixer and it should show as connected via network.  If you have trouble connecting to your mixer but you see a "" address listed, click here to see what the problem could be.


Wireless Connection from Router to StudioLive RM Mixer

By default, StudioLive RM-series mixers are configured to automatically connect to a wireless network using the following network name and password:

• Wireless network name: StudioLive
• Wireless network password: StudioLive

Note: While you may wish to use the default values for testing a new RM-series mixer, to maintain basic security, we strongly urge configuring different network settings.  To control a StudioLive RM mixer wirelessly over an existing or new network, first make a wired connection between the RM mixer and the wireless router and perform the necessary setup. Once setup is complete, the wired connection is no longer necessary, and the RM mixer can be controlled wirelessly.  

If you have no network called “StudioLive” and would like to connect instead to another existing or new network:
1.  Make a wired network connection to the RM mixer, as described in the above "Wired Ethernet Control Setup."

2.  With the RM-series mixer powered off, insert the included USB Wi-Fi adapter in the USB slot on the front panel of the RM-series mixer. NOTE:  StudioLive RM-series mixers do not support hot-swapping the Wi-Fi LAN adapter.


3.  Power on the RM-series mixer and wait until the Power LED has turned solid red.


4.  Launch UC Surface software on a computer (Mac or Windows) or iPad that is connected to the network you want to use.

5.  The Universal Control launch window will appear and should recognize the presence of your RM mixer.


6.  When your RM-series mixer does appear in the window, click/tap on the icon to connect and open the UC Surface mix window.  A blue swirl in the lower right shows the attempt to connect.  
NOTE:  This can also be done when the mixer is connected via firewire.


7.  Click/tap the Open Global Settings button to open the Global Settings view (Upper Right-hand corner of UC Surface app).


8.  Click/tap the Network tab icon near the top of the Menu. The Network Options view appears.


9.  Click/tap the gear near the wireless network setup area.


10.  Enter a password at the prompt, if one is required.

11.  Click/tap the Join button.


12.  You should see the words "Joining..." go away and may see the Network menu again.  This would mean that the wireless connection could have worked correctly.

13.  Quit UC Surface (close the device window) and power cycle the RM mixer, removing the wired connection between the router and the RM mixer.



***Now, every time you turn on your StudioLive RM-series mixer, it will:

A.  Look for a wired Ethernet connection and use it if one is found.
B.  If no wired connection is found, it will check whether
the USB Wi-Fi LAN adapter is plugged in.
C. If the Wi-Fi LAN adapter is found, the mixer will look for, and attempt
to connect to, the wireless network it has been configured to use.

Troubleshooting your StudioLive RM Network connection:

  • Note about Wifi Dongles:  At times, the wireless dongle on a StudioLive Ai mixer might not be seated well or might not be functioning correctly.  

    It is important to make sure that when powering on your StudioLive mixer, you will see a green blinking light within 30 seconds of the mixer booting up and 45 seconds before it discovers your network.  You can then Open UC Surface and see the mixer listed.

  • Make sure you are using UC Surface and Qmix Ai to connect with.  These applications are specifically designed for StudioLive Ai mixer.

    UC Surface (App Store)

    Qmix AI (App Store)

  • (Network) Make sure the router is not somehow blocking the following UDP port for discovery.  The SL AI
    mixers will communicate over this port for wireless communication on networks:

    Dedicated discovery Port (IANA)
     UDP 47809

    Port 47809 (UDP) is used for discovery, and then a dynamically assigned TCP/UDP port from the ephemeral port range of 49152 to 65535 is assigned and used for data transfer.

NOTE:  When creating a DHCP lease for a device manually (through MAC address), 
make sure to go through and wireless connection setup again as sometimes powering
the device off and back on again will not cause the mixer to refresh it's IP number.

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