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StudioLive AI with UC Surface - iOS/PC/Mac Device Permissions

How do you setup device permissions for iOS, Mac and PC systems running UC Surface 1.3+?

Firmware versions that are compatible with this release:

StudioLive XX.4.2 AI =   Firmware version 1.0.6452 or greater.

StudioLive RM16/32AI =   Firmware version 1.0.6439 or greater.


UC Surface Application:

iOS Application version:    1.3 or greater

PC/Mac Application version:   1.3.33654 or greater

Qmix AI:    1.2.29258 or greater

NOTE:  iOS devices used must run iOS 7.0 or greater to be in compatibility with this release. 


***For application versions lower than the ones expressed or with information on SL Remote AI permissions, please see these instructions.



Setting iOS/PC/Mac UC Surface Permissions

1.  Download and install "UC Surface" and/or "Qmix Ai" for your iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch device:

UC Surface = App Store Dowload


Qmix Ai = App Store Download


2.  Open the mixer in your "UC Surface" software.  Or in "Qmix Ai" application on your iOS device, click on "Connect" on the mixer you want to setup:


****If you do not see your devices listed here, make sure you are connected to your network with these instructions

UC Surface Start Page:


Qmix Ai Start page:



NOTE:  Make sure on UC Surface you have selected the Tab by which you want to set permissions, if you have multiple SL AI mixers on your network.  This way you can verify that you are in fact changing the correct mixer on your network.



3.  Press the System button on your StudioLive to launch the System menu.



4.  Page down to navigate to "Page 5: iOS Setup."



5.  Use the Value encoder to scroll through the list of available iOS devices and/or comptuers.



6.  When you find the device for which you’d like set permissions, use the Next button to navigate to the first permissions field. Use the Value encoder to set the device permission.





StudioLive UC Surface for iPad Permissions Overview



When setting permissions for UC Surface users, you will choose between giving full access to all mixer functions or providing limited access to just a few aux-mix functions. In most cases, one iPad will be configured as front-of-house (FOH), and the others will be configured as aux mixes.

Mix Permissions Set the level of functionality in UC Surface.

  • None. UC-Surface on the selected device will not be able to control anything in your StudioLive AI mixer .

  • FOH. Enables the device to control all functions of mixer without restriction.

  • All Auxes.  Will control the channel send levels and output for all aux mixes.  

  • Aux 1-14/10/6. QMix-AI will only control the channel send levels for the specified aux mix.

    Other Permissions. Choose between Ch Rename or None. Ch Rename allows device users to remotely change the channel and bus scribble-strip labels.  These changes are also reflected in Qmix-AI and on the Channel Info page on the StudioLive AI Mixer.


QMix-AI for iPhone/iPod Touch Permissions



When setting permissions for QMix-AI users, you will choose between providing full access to all aux mixes, providing access to only a single aux mix, and limiting the user to just the Wheel of Me functions.

Mix Permissions Set the level of functionality in Qmix-AI.

  • None. QMix-AI on the select iPad will not be able to control your StudioLive AI mixer.

  • All Auxes. QMix-AI will control the channel send levels for all aux mixes.  

  • Aux 1-14/10/6. QMix-AI will only control the channel send levels for the specified aux mix.

Other Permissions. Choose between Wheel Only or None. Wheel Only disables the Aux Mix page in QMix-AI. When this is enabled, the user will only be able to use the Wheel of Me on the single aux to which you’ve provided access.  When Wheel Only is enabled, you can only give access to one aux mix.


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