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Default Access Code for iOS/Computer Permissions

18 Nov 2020

Default Access Code

When using UC Surface with an RM series rack mixer or an AI series console**, if your device does not have FOH permissions for the mixer you're connecting to, then you will be required to enter an Access Code in order to change the permissions for your device, or any other devices

The default Access Code is 12345 


Once you've entered the Access Code, UC Surface is temporarily unlocked so that you can change your device's permissions setting. It remains unlocked until you navigate away from the settings page. Make sure you change the permissions setting for your device before leaving the Settings page, else you'll be required to enter the Access Code again.

If the default Access Code is changed to another number, be sure to write that number down somewhere you can find it.

If you've forgotten your Access Code, as of RM firmware 6184, it can be reset to the default “12345” by holding down both the +48V meters button and the Main headphone source button for 15 seconds while booting the mixer. NOTE: Prior firmware versions can only reset the Access Code by doing a Firmware Recovery Factory Reset.

**AI Consoles always have the option of setting device permissions on the mixer itself, from the mixer's System menu

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