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Why does my Qmix AI device name not show up in the UC Surface Device Permissions list?

I connect my iPhone or iPad running Qmix-AI to my RM series mixer, but I do not see the device name appear in the Device Permissions list in UC Surface. Why?

The problem is related to how Qmix-AI handles Unicode characters and the fact that Apple's iOS device default name scheme uses a Unicode curly apostrophe, aka a "real" apostrophe.

For an iOS device with an apostrophe in the name that's running Qmix-AI, the device shows up in UC Surface on PC with a � character replacing the apostrophe, but in UC Surface on Mac or on an iPad, the Qmix-AI iOS device doesn't show up at all, though you can still select the blank space and set permissions. 

A fix should be forthcoming in a future Qmix-AI update, but for now, if you simply rename your iOS device without a "real" apostrophe, it should correct the issue. You can even just rename it with essentially the same name, as long as you re-type the "apostrophe", because the iOS keyboard default "apostrophe" character is actually the "prime" symbol, and not a "curly apostrophe", which is what's in the apple default name scheme when you set up the device, and which is the character that causes the problem. You can read more about that here:

Here's an example of each, in UC Surface on PC.


In UC Surface on Mac or the iPad, the second one, the one with the real apostrophe, won't show up in the list.

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