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Where can I purchase dust covers, bags or rack ears for the Studio Live Mixers?

16 Nov 2020


Q: Where can I purchase accessories for my PreSonus hardware?

A: If you are looking for accessories for your PreSonus Studio Live mixer please check out the listings below:


Dust Covers / Bags

Dust Cover for SL2442

Dust Cover for SL1642

Dust Cover for dual SL1642

Dust Cover for SL1602

Backpack for SL1602

Bag for SL1642

Hardware Linkage / Rack Ears

SL1642 Adapter for Linking Two StudioLive Mixers

Rack Ear Kit for SL 1642

Rack Ear Kit for SL 1602

Reference Microphone

Precision Reference Microphone

Spare Parts / Device Components

PreSonus can only distribute certain parts for our devices, and only under certain circumstances. If you believe you need a part or component of your PreSonus hardware, please submit a support ticket at our support site, and one of our agents will be happy to assist you with your inquiry. 

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