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Studio One - How do you route a plugin from Studio One through a channel on the Studiolive?

16 Nov 2020


In this example, we will be routing Studio One’s Beat Delay plugin to Channel 16 on the StudioLive. 


To begin, create a mono audio track in Studio One. Assign its input to Channel 16 and its output to Output 16. (Several DAW applications, including Apple Logic, do not offer mono output buses. If this is the case, you must route the output stream to Channels 15-16 and pan the channel all the way to the right so that it will only be sent to output 16. Please consult your software’s user manual for specific instructions.)


Once you have the routing set up in Studio One, drag-and-drop the Beat Delay plug-in onto your track and record-enable it. Software monitoring will be enabled automatically.


Press the FireWire Return Input button on Channel 16 of your StudioLive. You can now monitor your analog signal with your inserted effect as you record from any of the output buses on the StudioLive.  

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