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What other PreSonus interfaces can be chained to the classic StudioLive mixers?

16 Nov 2020

What other PreSonus interfaces can I chained to my StudioLive mixer?

PreSonus supports a maximum of 52 inputs 52 outputs for a total of 104 firewire I/O streams.  As long as the interface’s I/O when added to the inputs and outputs of the StudioLive does not exceed these limits, any FireStudio Family interface can be cascaded**

Please note:  The Inputs of the cascaded unit cannot be mixed through the mixer.  These inputs are for recording purposes only. To use the Firestudio inputs in a live situation, you would need to patch the analog main outputs of the Firestudio interface into a pair of inputs on the mixer (a pair of channels, Aux Input A or B, etc) with the Firestudio essentially functioning as a sub-mixer. Also note, the only way to mix or adjust the Firestudio channels is through the software mixer on the computer.

A max of four FireStudio devices is supported or 104 streams, whichever is reached first. Stream counts higher than 96 require a well optimized system a good firewire chipset

StudioLive 24.4.2:     32 in + 26 out = 58
StudioLive 16.4.2:     32 in + 18 out = 50
StudioLive 16.0.2:     16 in + 16 out = 32*

*NOTE: Only chaining the Firestudio Mobile or Project is supported for the 16.0.2

Firestudio Mobile:     10 in + 6 out = 16
Firestudio Project:     10 in + 10 out = 20
Firestudio Tube:        16 in + 6 out = 22
Firestudio 2626:        26 in + 26 out = 52**

**NOTE: The Firestudio 2626 is only compatible with Universal Control 1.2. If you are using the latest software with other Firestudio devices, you will not be able to chain a Firestudio 2626.

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