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Remote Capture Control (UC Surface & CS18)

UC Surface Control 

When an AI Console or RM Mixer is connected to your Mac or PC via firewire and Capture is open with the PreSonus mixer selected, a Capture button will appear in the UC Surface Quick Access panel. Selecting this button will show Capture controls in the Fat Channel area of UC Surface as shown below:


Once a new or existing session is launched, Capture controls and timeline will be displayed. Markers will also be shown and can be added or removed on-the-fly. Track arm buttons and transport controls are also present, as well as control for launching Virtual Sound Check. 


CS18 Control 

In the CS18 UCNET section you will see any instance of Capture available to control, provided it is running on a Mac or PC that is on the same network as the CS18.



On the CS18 Home screen, you will then see a Capture button. When selected, the CS18 will open a Capture control window as seen in the screenshots below. CS18 transport controls will control Capture as they do when the CS18 is controlling Studio One. 

CS18Home (1).png



In addition, selecting the CS18 “Marker” button will bring up the Markers Screen on the CS18 LCD as shown below. This screen allows navigation for jumping to individual markers, and markers can be added or removed. Also, the Pan encoder can be used as a jog wheel when the “Jog” button is selected on the LCD.



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