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What does "Cannot create new sessions if the audio device is Stereo," mean?

What does "Cannot create new sessions if the audio device is Stereo," mean?

This requires first that you download and install the latest driver from our website.  
If you have not done so, make sure to click on the link below:

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Capture will give you this message if you do not have the "Presonus" device listed as the
default audio device listed inside of the software.

Pro Tip:  If the currently selected audio device has exactly two outputs (as with the builtin audio card in a Mac), Capture goes into Stereo mode. While in Stereo mode, Capture connects all tracks to the stereo output and adjusts the volume of the output automatically to account for stereo summing. Stereo mode enables you to listen to Sessions while away from your StudioLive. Unless the StudioLive’s driver is selected, you cannot create a new Session or record new audio.

This problem can be corrected in two ways.



1.  Go to the list at the bottom of the start page in the center of the Capture software and select the "Presonus" device.

If you are having problems here, or given error messages on your software, click here to know if your device is functioning properly:

How Do I know my StudioLive (Ai) is connected to my computer and functioning by firewire?




2.  Click on "Options"  >>  Select the Audio Device from the list here.



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