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Can I plug a microphone directly into my iPad?


We got a question from a customer asking if they could plug a microphone directly into the iPad for use with Capture Duo. 

The answer is technically, yes, but there is a catch. You must use a specific adapter with the type of connection you wish to use. Apple does not make such an adapter, these are available aftermarket only. 

You might be asking why doesn't PreSonus offer one? The answer is you need an adapter based on the microphone or line connection you want to use. You'd need one for a dynamic mic, another for a phantom powered mic, another for a line level XLR connector and another for a 1/4" TRS line or mic connector, when you put all those together you might as well purchase an iOne that delivers all of that connectivity through the Apple supported MFi connector on our interface. 

If you must do this then we highly recommend educating yourself with a bit of knowledge from the internet, we found this very informative video on YouTube that we recommend you watch to learn more. 

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