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Tip to avoid getting problematic performance when using AudioBox i-Series with iOS devices.

We have found through our testing that the Apple OEM cables are the best choice for reliable data connections when using the AudioBox iOne and AudioBox iTwo with supported Apple iOS devices.  

Non Apple brands are most often more easily accessible, come in a variety of colors or are amazingly inexpensive.  These cables in some cases we have found are not made to the same rigid specifications that Apple imposes on the cables they sell on their site, their stores and through their resellers. These so-called "compatible devices" may include inferior wiring or cable assemblies resulting in problematic connectivity and error messages. 

We've found through our own experience, that unless you buy it from an Apple store or Apple reseller, it most often is not an Apple cable despite what it may say on the packaging. It may still work, yet if an intermittent or non-random problem persists, then there may be a different problem and you should open a support ticket with us at so we can further assist you or direct you to information that may resolve your issue. 

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