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What power adapter should I use with my AudioBox iOne / iTwo to work with my iOS device?

In order to get the best possible performance from the AudioBox iOne and iTwo with your iOS device, we require the use of the 10 Watt or 12 Watt iPad power adapters available from Apple.

* 10 Watt 2.3 Amp (2300mA) larger square power adapter

* 12 Watt 2.4 Amp (2400mA) larger square power adapter

Apple has a list of supported power adapters and their associated iOS products here:

We have found through our product testing for the devices that do come with the smaller 5 Watt 1 Amp power adapter including the iPad Mini, iPhone 4 Series, iPhone 5 Series and iPod Touch series devices may result in undesirable performance, as a result we recommend these customers use the recommended 10 Watt or 12 Watt Apple adapters in place of the 5 W adapter. 



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