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Audiobox USB driver numbers seem confusing. Which one is the latest driver?

Q: Audiobox USB Driver Numbers seem confusing. Which one is the Latest Driver?

A: There are currently two "iterations" of the AudioBox USB driver:

  1. The 2.8.4 driver, in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  2. The 1.2+ driver, in both configurations. 

The latest version of the AudioBox driver is 1.3+. The 2.8.4 version is the older version. The reason for this seeming discrepancy is that PreSonus created a new "combination" driver when our latest AudioBox VSL products were released. This driver, named AudioBox 1.0, contains the driver files for all AudioBox units, including the older AudioBox USB. The installer detects the current AudioBox device plugged into the computer and installs the appropriate driver.

Therefore, the new AudioBox driver installer, version 1.0 and above, actually installs the older 2.8.4 driver files for the AudioBox USB.




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