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Studio One - What are Layers and how do I use them in Studio One?

In Studio One, both audio and instrument tracks have optional layers that can be used to record multiple different ideas to a single track. For instance, you might want to compare one set of lyrics for a vocal track to another set of lyrics. In this case, you could record two different performances on a single track to two separate layers, and then be able to quickly switch between the two without the need for a second track. To create a new layer on any track, open the Inspector by pressing [F4] on the keyboard and select “Add Layer” from the Layer selection box. The new layer is effectively like having a whole new track, without the need for duplicating inserts, sends, and I/O setup. You can also duplicate layers by selecting Duplicate Layer from the Layer selection box, which enables you to try out and compare two completely different edits of the same events on two layers.

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