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Studio One - How can I determine the tempo of a loop in S1?

A powerful feature in StudioOne is the ability to graphically define the tempo of an audio file. If the original tempo for an Audio Event is un- known, the Arrow Tool Timestretch function can be used to manually fit the Audio Event to a specific length of time (bars and beats, etc).

To do this, set the Tempo mode of the track to “Timestretch.” Float the mouse cursor to the edge of the target Audio Event and hold [Ctrl]+[Alt]/ [Command]+[Option] on the keyboard. The Define tempo tool will appear, allowing you to click on the edge of the Event and drag left or right to stretch it. In this case, the tempo for the original clip will be set based on the musical length to which the Event is stretched, and all Events in the Song that use this original clip will be updated. Also, You can use the Tap Tempo function to set the current Song tempo to the tempo that you hear in your Audio Events. To do this, repeatedly click on the word “Tempo” in the Transport, clicking once on every beat you hear. Studio One will determine the Audio Event tempo based on the timing of your clicks and will set the tempo for the Song accordingly. Be sure that the Tempo mode for the Audio Track is set to “Don’t Follow”; otherwise, the Events will be stretched or moved while you are using the Tap Tempo function, making it impossible to find a consistent tempo.

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