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Studio One - How do I split a Stereo file into two Mono files in Studio One?

From your stereo track control panel right-click and "Duplicate with Events" to make another copy. On each of those two tracks in the mixer insert a Binaural Pan. Pan one hard left and the other hard right. Next, Make sure you have two mono output busses in your I/O to use for this. If you like, name them "Split L" & "Split R" and hide them in the mixer. Send each audio track copy pre-fader to one of the two mono output busses. Sends are created at unity so just create the sends and select the pre-fader option for each MONO Out. Using the Export Stems option in S1, render the stem channels of the two mono output busses to create two new mono audio tracks from the original stereo track. Then simply remove or mute the original stereo track and you’re done!

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