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FirePod / FP10 - Where can I get a replacement power adapter?

Q: Where can I purchase accessories for my PreSonus FirePod or FP10?

A: If you are looking for power supplies, or additional components and hardware for your PreSonus devices, please check out the listing below:

Power Supplies

18 Volt Power Adapter 

This will supply power to the FirePod / FP10.

WARNING: Please make absolutely certain that you are purchasing the right power supply for your PreSonus device. If it does not meet the exact specifications of your unit, it could damage it, requiring repair.  

Spare Parts / Device Components

PreSonus can only distribute certain parts for our devices, and only under certain circumstances. If you believe you need a part or component of your PreSonus hardware, please submit a support ticket at our support site, and one of our agents will be happy to assist you with your inquiry. 

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