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FaderPort - Digital Performer 8+ setup for Windows (HUI mode)

FaderPort - Digital Performer 8 setup for Windows (HUI mode)

For Windows installations of Digital Performer, the FaderPort must be used as a HUI device.  No further installation is necessary in order to proceed with setup in your DAW. 

1. From the toolbar in Digital Performer 8 select Setup and click on Control Surface Setup. 



2. In the Control Surface setup menu, the first menu on the left is the Driver drop down menu. Select 'HUI'.



3. Next, in the same Control Surface Menu under Input Port, hover over FaderPort and on the right select, FaderPort-1. 



4. Next, in the same Control Surface Menu under Output Port, select FaderPort. 



5. The setting should look like this. 


Click “OK”. Your FaderPort is now ready to use.

PLEASE NOTE: Because the FaderPort was not designed to function specifically as a HUI device. The FaderPort does have some inherent functions intended for use Native mode drivers which do not respond to the Mackie HUI protocol.

The following buttons have no functionality:

  • Output
  • User
  • Prev
  • Next
  • Mark
  • Fader Mode Buttons - Read, Write, Touch, Off
  • Start
  • End


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