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FaderPort Classic - Cubase/Nuendo setup for Mac OSX (HUI mode)

How do I set up my FaderPort Classic in Cubase/Nuendo 64bit on Mac OSX with Mackie HUI Mode?

1. Connect your FaderPort Classic, launch Cubase/Nuendo, and go to Devices | Device Setup



2. In the Setup window, click the + symbol for "Add Device" 


3. Select "Mackie HUI" from the list


4. Select 'Mackie HUI" from the devices list. Set the MIDI Input and Output to “Faderport"



  • NOTE: In the Devices Menu on the left, click MIDI Port Setup, you may also want to uncheck "In All MIDI" under MIDI Port Setup so that the Faderport keep-alive MIDI pulse does not get recorded when working with virtual instruments


Click “OK”. Your FaderPort is now ready to use.


PLEASE NOTE: Because the FaderPort Classic was not designed to function specifically as a HUI device. The FaderPort does have some inherent functions intended for use with previously supported Native mode drivers which do not respond to the Mackie HUI protocol. 

The following buttons have no functionality:

  • Output
  • Punch
  • User
  • Prev
  • Next
  • RTZ

Also note, this is an update to what is printed in the manual on page 11. Earlier versions of Cubase had less functionality. 

The following buttons (as previously stated in the manual as having no functionality) work now under Mackie HUI with Cubase 8.

  • Mix
  • Proj
  • Redo
  • Start
  • End
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