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Can't find product key or software discs in the box

A couple of questions we are getting a lot lately:

Where are the software discs? 
Where is the product key for my software that came with my AudioBox?

If your product has 

  • No software discs in your box
  • Has a Studio One 2 Disc in the box and you want to know where to find the latest version of Studio One instead

Simply registering your AudioBox Series, FireStudio Series or StudioLive series product in yourMyPreSonus account will grant you a free copy of the latest version of Studio One in your My.PreSonus.Com account automatically. Device drivers are available on the download page.

The following products may have Studio One 2 discs in the box:

  • AudioBox USB 
    • Including special edition White and Gold editions.
  • FireStudio Project
  • FireStudio Mobile
  • StudioLive 1602
  • StudioLive 1642 (old stock)
  • StudioLive 2442 (old stock)

While some products still have Studio One 2 discs in the box, by the end of 2015, the following products will no longer have discs in their boxes. 

  • AudioBox USB
  • AudioBox USB Black Edition 
  • AudioBox USB Black Edition with Mac Mini Bundle
  • AudioBox 1818VSL
  • AudioBox 44VSL
  • AudioBox 22VSL
  • StudioLive 32Ai 
  • StudioLive 24Ai
  • StudioLive 16Ai

The latest firmware for the StudioLive Ai mixers is located in your MyPreSonus account


The following products have never had any software included in the box:
  • Music Creation Bundle with AudioBox USB, Studio One and Notion. 
  • AudioBox iOne
  • AudioBox iTwo
  • StudioLive RM16 Ai
  • StudioLive RM32 Ai
  • Studio 192

Upon opening the box is a plastic bag with instructions and a registration card with instructions on how to register (or access) or your PreSonus account. Upon completion of registering your hardware product in your My Presonus account, the software bundle that comes with your product will automatically appear in the My Software section of your My PreSonus account. 

You can then download, install and activate your new software. You can follow the getting started tutorials that we have created to walk you through this process. We are in the process of re-authoring some of these tutorials for the changes to the registration process. 

If you think you've made a mistake, log a support ticket at so we can assist with getting you setup with the correct registration. 

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