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Activating Studio One: Multiple Computers

Each Studio One Pro license entitles you to 5 activations on a MAC or PC. This means that you can install S1 on up to 5 systems on a single key. 

For customers who have already installed Studio One on one computer and wish to utilize their additional licencees on other computers for studio use or mobile rigs there is no need to use the Studio One Product key again, as it has already been permanently stored in your user account. All that is required to do, is to download the correct installer for computer you wish to install the additional copy of Studio One on and then activate the software on that computer.

Studio One can be installed from either an installation disc or a downloaded installer package, depending on which you purchased. However, due to the nature of software being improved upon and updated as time passes, we highly advise that you do not install the software from the disc (if you’re a customer that purchased a hard copy of Studio One), as CD/DVD's will typically become outdated. For the purposes of this article we will describe how to do this online.

1. User Account on our website:

2. Make sure you're looking at the "MyPreSonus" section on the lower-left portion of your account.

3. Locate the Studio One software you are installing, you may need to click on "See all my software" to reveal the listing of the version of Studio One you are trying to install.

4. Click on the link entitled "see all details".

• You will now see a big blue button entitled "Download Studio One 2" The site should be able to read your operating system and give you the right installer for the OS it is recognizing.

• Alternate Instructions for Installation:

5. Click on the tab entitled "Installers".

6. Locate the Installer for the operating system you are using.

Mac = StudioOne 2 for Mac OSX
Windows (32-Bit) = "Studio One 2 for Windows"
Windows (64-Bit) = "Studio One 2 for Windows x64"

7. Run the installer once you have confirmed the software installer has completely downloaded.

• PC users should right click and select "Run as Administrator".

8. Make sure to finish the installation by dragging the installer into your applications folder for MAC users.

PC Users:

There are two separate software installers for Studio One 2 for Windows: 32-Bit and 64-Bit.

Click on the correct installer link for your computer's Operating System environment. Then, locate the downloaded .exe file, right-click on it and select "Run As Administrator". Then, follow the Windows software installer wizard and Studio One 2 will install to your system.

How to identify the bit rate of your Windows operating system:

• Browse to your Control Panel. 

• Select "System and Security" and then "system" if you are in the classic view, for the large or small ICONS view, simply choose "system".

• Under "System Type", it will list the operating system bit rate as 32 bit or 64 bit. 

Mac OS X Users:

There is one Mac OS X installer for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit. It will be the "Studio One 2 For OSX" link. Open the .dmg file and drag-and-drop the Studio One 2 icon onto the Applications folder to install the Studio One 2 software.

Note: Studio One will run as 32-Bit by default on the Mac.

• To change this, locate the Studio One 2 icon in your Applications folder.

• Right-click or Command-click and choose "Get Info".

• Under “General,” un-check the option to run as 32-Bit. The next time Studio One 2 runs, it will run in 64-Bit mode.

Once the Studio One 2 program is properly installed into the Applications folder of your Mac, you can drag it to your Mac's "Dock" to create an alias (shortcut) to the original program file, which should continue to reside in the Applications folder.

NOTE: If you're having problems accessing your user account, an alternate location to download the most current Studio One 2 software installers is this page:


For activation instructions:


Proceed to either: [3] Software Activation (Online Computer) or [4] Software Activation (Offline Computer)

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