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Studio One - Creating a song from an Empty Template - Part 1

Creating an Empty Song and Configuring Audio I/O - Part 1



 1. From the Start page, select Create a new Song.


2. In the Browser window, name your Song and choose 
the directory in which you’d like it saved.


3. Select Empty Song from the Templates list.


4. Select your preferred sample rate and bit depth. You can also 
determine the length of your Song and the type of time format you 
would like to use (Notation Bars, Seconds, Samples, or Frames).


5. Click the OK button when you are finished.


6. If you plan on importing loops into your Song, you may want to select 
Stretch audio files to Song Tempo so that any loop of a known BPM (like 
those in the included content library) will import at the correct tempo.


7. Go to Song>Song Setup menu.

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