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Ensemble Recording Made Easy.

Recording rehearsals and performances is easy with the PreSonus®AudioBox™ Stereo recording kit! This special all-PreSonus system combines an AudioBox USB interface with Studio One® Artist music-production software, HD7 monitoring headphones, a pair of PS626 small-diaphragm condenser microphones, and all necessary cables and mounts. 

Not only do we provide everything you need in one box, we also have many helpful tutorial videos.

Recording large ensemble festivals? Check out our tutorial here.

↓ View Ensemble Recording Tutorials

​A Rehearsal Necessity.

Feedback is essential in musical rehearsals. By recording and playing back instantly, rehearsals become a collaborative effort in which every ensemble member can participate.

A traditional rehearsal relies on verbal descriptions and performance memory to make improvements. Using instant recording playback allows every ensemble member to hear each note over and over, compare performances of musical sections or entire pieces, and listen between rehearsals.

With our AudioBox i-series interfaces, you can record directly to your iPad. Creating music has never been easier! Read more.


​Quality Matters. 

As musicians and instructors, sound quality is our top priority. Correct notes and precise rhythms mean nothing without a great-sounding instrument or ensemble. When it comes to recording and playback, sound matters just as much!

Small devices such as portable recorders, smartphones, and tablets usually compress your audio, compromising dynamic contrast and tone. In addition, the small microphones in these devices usually do not record the full frequency and dynamic range of the sound source. This is why using an AudioBox i-series interfaceAudioBox Stereo, orAudioBox iTwo Studio—all with Studio One—is essential. 

Eris studio monitors are great for listening to audio because they provide flat frequency response and dynamic range so you can hear every nuance. 

Individual Practice.

Any student who plays in instrument, from beginner to college, can benefit from recording themselves and listening back. Any professional musician will tell you that this is the best way to improve! We put together a tutorial series to demonstration the benefits of recorded practice using our AudioBox Studio or Music Creation Suite.

Check out our Step Up Your Practice series!

Need to record individual assesments? Check out our tutorial page.


​Record a Song.

Studio One makes it easy to quickly record a demo, song idea, or entire session! The AudioBox Studio and AudioBox iTwo Studio bundles provide everything needed to get started. Or, use your favorite microphone with an AudioBox i-series recording interface or AudioBox VSL-series interface. We have plenty of tutorials to help you get started: 

Studio One Tutorial Videos

AudioBox Recording Tutorial Videos

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