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Recorded Assessments.

Recording assessments is easy with Studio One and a PreSonus® recording interface! We provide tutorials and videos for recordingin-class performance exams, setting up practice room assessments, and recording at home.  

It is essential to record assessments in order to have saved testing data and provide feedback. It is important for students to use their grade and teacher feedback to improve, so it is necessary to have the recording to analyze.  

You can record using any of our recording interfaces and easilygrade and provide feedback with Studio One

Download the National Core Arts Standards Model Cornerstone Assessment Rubric for recorded assessments. 

I Assess on the iPad! 

Capture Duo, our FREE iPad recording app, allows easy, one-tap recording and instant transfer to Studio One on a Mac or PC. With the iPad and the computer on the same wireless network, every student can send their audio recording directly to a central computer by simply tapping "Send to Studio One". 

The AudioBox iSeries recording interfaces automatically configure to your iPad, so now you can record with professional audio quality (24-bit, up to 96k) using any microphone. The AudioBox iTwo Studio is the perfect bundle for recording at home or in a practice room, and includes the large-diaphragm M7 mic, HD7 Headphones, and all needed cables. 


Studio One Makes it Easy.

After recording individual performances, grading and organizing assessments in Studio One is a breeze! Track markers will help label each performance with custom naming, and you can export one or all of the recordings at the same time. This allows you to save recordings for individual performance portfolios, share files through email or a shared folder, provide individual feedback on each assessment, and have recorded assessment data available at anytime.

This technique can also be used at Solo and Ensemble Festivals and for recorded auditions! 


Adjudication Station!

For ensemble festivals and competitions, the AudioBox 1818 VSLprovides a great solution for recorded comments and performances. Record the ensemble in stereo and use four vocal mics for the judges. Once it's done, you can drag all the files onto a jump drive or Dropbox to provide instant feedback.

No more CD burning, tedious handheld recorder audio transfers, or waiting around for comments!

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