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Jazz Ensemble

On Stage Audio. 

PreSonus StudioLive AI mixers and loudspeakers are ideal for jazz ensemble audio, with a wide enough dynamic range and frequency response to cover everything from the lowest bass note to the highest trumpet squeal! 

Design your own system in just a few clicks with our
Jazz Ensemble bid sheet. 

View StudioLive Loudspeaker Options.

View StudioLive Mixer Options.

Capture® every moment.

With Capture one-click recording software, you can easily record every note of every rehearsal and performance. This allows you to:

  • Playback individual parts
  • Make rehearsal and background tracks
  • Record solo sections and loop for practice
  • Mix the rhythm section and band for a great recording


Every StudioLive AI and StudioLive RM mixer comes with bothCapture and Studio One Artist.


Studio One in the Woodshed. 

Recorded practice is essential to musical growth. Studio One is a great practice tool, which allows you to:

Jam with play-along tracks

Transpose and time stretch recordings

Transcribe using virtual instruments


​The AudioBox 1818VSL Option.

For recording a jazz ensemble and even for live sound, the AudioBox 1818VSL provides a great option. The eight mic preamps can be used to multitrack record the ensemble, and Virtual StudioLive software includes a software mixer and signal processing, including a gate, compressor, EQ, reverb, and delay effects. You can easily add eight more preamps with a DigiMax D8

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