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PreSonus® is proud to support organizations that advocate for comprehensive music education in our schools. We recommend that educators take advantage of the many resources these organizations provide. Click the title of each organization for more information.


Technology Institute for Music Educators

The Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist music educators in applying technology to improve teaching and learning music. 

Join this organization of progressive music educators with a passion for using today's technology to teach music. Our members are pioneering the use of today's exciting music-production software and hardware technology in school music classrooms for all ages, from elementary school to high school and college programs. 

National Association for Music Education​​

Through its many programs, activities, publications, and conferences, NAfME addresses all aspects of music education and works to ensure that every student shall have access and exposure to a balanced, comprehensive, and high-quality program of music instruction. By promoting the best possible music education for all children and advancing music education as a profession, NAfME seeks to advance music education by encouraging the making and study of music by all. NAfME has four major goals:

1. Every student in our nation’s schools shall study music as part of the core curriculum.
2. All school music programs shall be balanced, comprehensive, and sequential, as defined in the National Standards for Music Education, and shall be provided with resources as defined in the Opportunity-to-Learn Standards for Music.
3. All music instruction shall be delivered by well-prepared professional music educators, each of whom meets state requirements.
4. Music educators and those who support music education shall view NAfME as the primary association for ensuring the widespread advancement of the profession.

Support Music Coalition is a public-service initiative that impacts resolve and support for music education in local communities around the United States and abroad. This advocacy effort now unites 588 national, regional, and international organizations composed of parents and community leaders who seek to improve access and opportunity in music and arts learning. Tens of thousands of concerned citizens visit the Web site every month and use its resources to keep music education strong in their schools and communities.

​The Support Music Coalition is building a proactive and unified approach to federal, state, and local-level advocacy for music education as a core academic subject in schools. The coalition is united in its support of a complete education that includes music and arts instruction for all children.

Association for Popular Music Education

Popular music is a vital part of our lives. A valuable form of artistic expression, it embraces all facets of the human experience and blends art with contemporary culture and tradition to make relevant the ever-changing now.

The mission of the Association for Popular Music Education (APME) is to promote and advance popular music at all levels of education, in the classroom and beyond.

APME was created to advocate for popular music education and its advancement as a discipline. It provides educational opportunities for teachers and students, honors the rich history of popular music, and develops innovative ways to create, perform, and teach it.  APME also serves to bring together all involved in the pursuit of teaching and making popular music.

Association for Technology in Music Instruction 

The mission of the Association for Technology in Music Instruction (ATMI) is to improve music teaching and learning through the integration of current and emerging technologies into the music learning environment. It does this by providing a forum for the scholarly presentation of pedagogical and technical information for music teachers in higher education. ATMI seeks to engage both specialists and nonspecialists in music technology in an atmosphere that effectively disseminates information, encourages participation, cultivates collegial relationships, and engages practice.

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