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Studio One® Digital Audio Workstation

Studio One is easy-to-use and offers simple, drag-and-drop functionality. Teachers and students will enjoy creating music with virtual instruments, recording in class and in performance, and distributing music to families.

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Studio One Versions

Recording Systems

PreSonus® interfaces are perfect for recording in class and in performance. Each interface includes Studio One Artist, and we offer a range of options to suit your school recording needs.

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StudioLive™ Mixers

StudioLive mixers are extremely versatile and offer a whole-school solution, whether it is running sound for performances, multitrack recording, or both! Each mixer includes built-in effects, Studio One Artist, and Virtual StudioLive software, allowing for computer control. You also can remote control the mixer wirelessly using free StudioLive Remote for iPad and can mix monitors wirelessly with free QMix™ for iPhone®/iPod touch®Click here to view tutorial. 

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Eris™ Studio Monitors

If your speakers aren't accurate, you can't know whether your music is properly recorded and mixed. Many ensemble balance problems cannot be address unless the speakers have a wide frequency range and "flat" response. Computer speakers and home audio products are not designed for music recording and do not provide an accurate representation of your sound. PreSonus Eris studio monitors are accurate, flat, and offer easy-to-use controls that let you adjust their response for your space. These are the ideal speakers for the classroom, lab, or school recording studio—and they're available at a very affordable price! Click here to view tutorial.

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