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MIDI: Bank & Program Change (External MIDI Hardware Devices)

Patch Names are not supported in Studio One. However you can use external MIDI hardware devices (synths, keyboards, and sound modules). You can also use Bank and Program Change messages to call up the patches on those external MIDI hardware devices.

MIDI Program Changes

1. You can add the Bank and Program Change message in the "Inspector" per track. First enable the "Program" option listed in the "Inspector". Then enter numbers for the Bank and Program Change.

For the Bank you will have to enter the combined bank number. Some external devices select banks by combining the MSB (Most Significant Bit) and LSB (Least Significant Bit) into one single “MIDI Bank Select” message. They calculate the necessary MIDI Bank Select value using the equation (MSB x 128) + LSB. Some devices will give you this number in their patch listing.

Once you enter that number for the bank you then enter the program change number in the appropriate field in the "Inspector".

This will automatically send the appropriate messages per track when you first open the Studio One song.

2. You can also add MIDI Automation to send these messages at any point along the time line of your Studio One song. You will first need to enable "Show Automation" by pressing the letter "A" key on your computer keyboard or by choosing "Show Automation" from the "Track" menu.

Looking at your track you should see "Display Off", click there and choose "Add/Remove". A window appears with two lists. On the left your list may be empty, you will have to add the MSB, LSB and Program Change parameters from the right side list to the left side. Simply browse the list and double-click the "Bank Select MSB" , "Bank Select LSB" and "Program Change" parameters. This will add them to the left side list. Now click "Close" to dismiss this window.

Now you can select these three parameters to set the values you want to be sent. You will first have to set the MSB parameter. Select "Bank Select MSB" from the list. Now click on the Automation line that appears in the track arrangement. It will create a dot (node). You can click and drag this node to reflect the appropriate value for your MSB.

NOTE: Because Studio One doesn't use MIDI directly this parameter is scaled to 100. To obtain the appropriate MSB value use this formula. (100 / 128) x MSB (value). This will give you the Studio One scaled value to send the correct MSB value. (This function may be changed in future versions of Studio One for ease of use).

Next you will have to send the "Bank Select LSB" message. Make sure that the node you set for this parameter is *AFTER* the MSB node. This keeps the appropriate order in which the messages need to be sent. Use the same formula as before to set the LSB value.

Now set the "Program Change" value ensuring that it's node follows the MSB and LSB node. It is not necessary to use the previous formula for Program Change as it's range of values goes to 128. Just set the value as is. So now that you have set all three parameters, they will send their values once you engage play mode and the timeline cursor crosses the nodes. Your MIDI Device or virtual instrument should receive them and change to the appropriate patch.

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