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Faderport setup in Logic X

How do I set up my Faderport in Logic X?

Apple's Logic X is now a 64 bit only application. Previous versions of Logic had the option to run in 32-bit or 64-bit mode, but Logic X no longer has this option. In order to use the Faderport in Logic X, you must either use the special 64 bit Faderport.bundle file:

Set up the Faderport in Logic 64 bit

NOTE:  In Native Mode, you will see an entry in Controller Setup for the Faderport, but no image of the Faderport like you see in previous versions. This does not affect functionality.

Or alternately, set it up as a HUI device:

Set up the Faderport in Logic as a HUI device


NOTE:  There may be issues in Logic X where the Read, Write and Touch modes do not function after setup.  In order to make these work, do the following:

1. Open "Logix Pro X/Control Surfaces/Controller Assignments"
2. Select zone "Automation" and mode "Automation Mode"
3. Select control "Touch Automation" and change "Multiply" to 2
4. Select control "Write Automation" and change "Multiply" to 4


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