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FaderPort Classic - How do I set up my FaderPort Classic in Apple Logic/Logic Express?

This article applies to this model FaderPort:


How do I set up my FaderPort Classic in Apple Logic/Logic Express (Logic 8 and prior)?


Native Mode support for the FaderPort Classic requires installation of the Faderport Classic DAW  Profile / FaderPort Control application released on July 10, 2018. 

1. Visit the FaderPort Classic download page to get the release and run it to install it. 

2. Run your DAW with FaderPort Classic connected. 

3. Logic Pro / Express should pick up the FaderPort automatically, if not you may need to add it to your list of controllers, see steps below. 


1. Go to Logic > Preferences > Control Surfaces > Setup


2. In the Setup window, go to New > Install



3. Select  PreSonus FaderPort from the list of control surfaces and click “Add”, then close the device list window. 



4. Set the Output Port to “FaderPort and the Input Port to “FaderPort”



This is how the configured Faderport should appear when set up as a native mode controller



Close the Control Surface setup window. Your FaderPort Classic is now ready to use. Enjoy!!

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